Manu Kalia,
Data Scientist

A curious, persistent, and articulate data-scientist & entrepreneur skilled in turning chaos into order, and coaxing insights from white noise through data science. Inspired to solve “big” problems that improve life for the many... their health, their wallets, and their environment, using domain expertise in Energy, Renewables, and SmartGrid Management.

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Email:       manukalia.sf@gmail.com

Phone:     +1   415 . 260. 7619

LinkedIn:   linkedin.com/in/manu-kalia-sf/

GitHub:     github.com/manukalia

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I'm a Data Scientist, living and working
in San Francisco, California

There was a man who sat each day looking out through a narrow vertical opening where a single board had been removed from a wooden fence. Each day a wild ass of the desert passed outside the fence and across the narrow opening — first the nose, then the head, the forelegs, the long brown back, the hindlegs, and lastly the tail.

One day the man leaped to his feet with a light of discovery in his eyes and he shouted for all who could hear him: "It is obvious! The nose causes the tail!"

    -- Frank Herbert


Co-founder & Lead Architect - Greensparc Inc.

San Francisco, CA

2014 - Present

Co-founder & Principal - Powerchoice Inc.

San Francisco, CA

2009 - 2014

CFO - Crownbutte Wind Power Inc.

Bismarck, ND

2007 - 2008

CFO - ARC International (Virage Logic)

San Jose, CA

2002 - 2006


Data Science Immersion Program - General Assembly

San Francisco, California

Spring 2019

MBA - Tuck School at Dartmouth

Hanover, New Hampshire

1993 - 1995

Bachelor, Engineering Sciences - Dartmouth College

Hanover, New Hampshire

1989 - 1993

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Machine Learning


Natural Lang Proc


Neural Networks


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