Hi! I'm Manu Kalia

A curious, persistent, and articulate data-scientist & entrepreneur skilled in turning chaos into order, and coaxing insights from white noise through data science. Inspired to solve “big” problems that improve life for the many... their health, their wallets, and their environment, using domain expertise in Energy, Renewables, and SmartGrid Management.

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Email:       manukalia.sf@gmail.com

Phone:     +1   415 . 260. 7619

LinkedIn:   linkedin.com/in/manu-kalia-sf/

GitHub:     github.com/manukalia

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What i do

Data Science Skills

Machine Learning

Keras Neural Networks

Natural Lang Proc




Data Acquisition & Cleaning

Principal Comp Analysis

Databricks / SCALA

A Few of My Works


Time-series Prediction

Day-ahead Electricity Prices

Predicting California ISO Day-ahead Electricity Prices Using Recurrent Neural Networks, ARIMA and SARIMAX models. Exogenous features include hourly NOAA weather station data, hourly CA DWR water reservoir water levels, and CAISO electricity demand forecasts.

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News Article Classification

FEMA Disaster Condition Alerting

Train Naive-Bayes and Logistic Classification models to accurately classify news articles as "Disaster-related" or not in order to quickly alert FEMA staff about newly emerging disaster conditions

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NLP Classification

Subreddit Classification: Separating Fact From Fiction

NLP pre-processing and vectorization plus comparison of ten classification models to best differentiate between two pairs of subreddit post corpuses: Fiction subreddits(r/SciFi or r/StarWars), and Fact subreddits (r/Physics or r/Astronomy).

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Linear Regression

Ames Iowa Housing Prices

Data cleaning and EDA heavy project to infer real estate prices in Ames, Iowa based on County assessor database

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